jane morris  

Jane Morris

& django's tiger

Following standing ovations at Fairbridge Festival, Powderkeg deliver vintage swing tunes, rags and blues with humour, skill and energy.  

Tight and punchy, Powderkeg's explosive arrangements guarantee a genuinely authentic concert performance.

Prepare yourself for a slightly rebellious venture into the 1920’s and 1930’s world of juke joints,

speakeasies and barrelhouses.

 Jane Morris (VOCALS), Rod Vervest (GUITAR)

 & Charlie McCarthy (FIDDLE)

Together with trumpet/trombone and string bass,

these cats will have you nostalgic for a time

when rum running was a profession and 

tweeting was strictly for the birds.

Jane Morris & Django’s Tiger 

perform swinging Gypsy Jazz

in the style of Django Reinhardt and

Stephane Grapelli.

This Hobart based group have performed across Australia and consistently provide a highly energised and entertaining  show

engaging and delighting people of  all ages. 

Django's Tiger is a Hot Club band featuring 

Jane Morris (VOCALS), 

Harry Edwards (LEAD GUITAR), 

Felicity Lovett (RHYTHM GUITAR),

Charlie McCarthy (VIOLIN)

  & Issac Gee (BASS)


 Duo Trio Quartet Quintet

Jane Morris , vocalist and flautist, 

performing Jazz Standards

Schmoozy Jazz songs accompianied  by Hobart's finest instrumentalists...

Harry Edwards (GUITAR)

Issac Gee (BASS)

Randall Muir (PIANO)

Charlie McCarthy (VIOLIN)

Matthew Ives (PERCUSSION)

 Jane Morris is available as a

Duo Trio Quartet Quintet



JOseph Joseph

Live at yabberup town hall wa

'hey skinny'

original music

from the 2017 album


available now


new album available now